Best Cheap Penny Boards Of 2022 [Top Value-For-Money Penny Boards]

Best Cheap Penny Board

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If you are a minimalistic skateboarder, you will surely like penny boards. As penny boards are smaller than normal skateboards and also more lightweight, they are the preferable choice for many people who want to spend less on a skateboard.

Because they are smaller in dimension and minimalistic in nature, they tend to be a bit cheaper than normal skateboards. So, if you are a bit strict on budget, instead of normal skateboards, you can opt for a penny board without any hesitation. My kid Areeb started with a cheap penny board as well.

Since you are looking for budget-friendly penny boards, why not look for the ones that offer the best value for the money? Yeah, that’s why we’re here. In this discussion, we have listed a few of the best cheap penny boards that are available on the market as of 2022. So, without any more talk, let’s get introduced to them.

Top Budget-Friendly Penny Boards Comparison Table

ProductsRecommended ForDeck MaterialDeck Dimensions (inch)Price RangeMore
DINBIN Complete Flexible Plastic Cruiser BoardBest Overall PU22 x 6 x 4 inchesAround 25$Check Price
OLEIO Mini Cruiser 23.2 In SkateboardBest Penny Board Under 20$ PP23.2″ length x 6.2″ width
Under 20$
Check Price
Cruiser Complete Skateboard for Girls Best Around 50$ With LEDs PP(AAA)22 x 2.5 x 1.7 inches Around 50$Check Price
Retrospec Quip 22.5″ and 27″ Classic Retro Skateboard Best Penny Board Under 40$ PU22.5″ x 6″ or 27″ x 6″Under 40$Check Price
Playshion Complete 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Skateboard for Beginner Best Penny Board Under 50$ PU31″x8″Under 50$Check Price
WhiteFang Skateboards Kids Skateboard Best Penny Board Under 30$ PU22x6x3.8 inchesUnder 30$Check Price

Inexpensive Penny Board Reviewed

In this section, we have broken down each product to its very core. Furthermore, we have analyzed each and every feature these cheap penny boards have to offer. As a result, we have prepared an information-based and relevant review of all of these budget-friendly penny board products.

So, after reading this particular section, you will get an in-depth knowledge of all the budget-friendly penny boards we have picked.

1. DINBIN Complete Flexible Plastic Cruiser Board- Best Overall

If you want the best budget penny board that has all the necessary features of a full-fledged skateboard, you should get introduced to the DINBIN Complete penny board. Let’s see what it offers.

  • Sturdy Construction:

Although this penny board comes at a very low cost, it is made of high-quality rebound PU plastic. Its wheels are also made of top-notch PU plastics. As a result, despite being so cheap, it’s got a pretty sturdy construction.

Also, as it’s equipped with 60 mm 78A wheels, it can withstand the extreme impacts of everyday usage. Moreover, its bearings are manufactured from high-quality stainless steel. So, the structure, as a whole, is very dependable for the user to perform on.

  • Best For Beginners And Kids:

One of the primary features of this particular penny board is that it’s very easy to get used to. So, beginners and kids can easily learn to ride this penny board in a short time. 

Moreover, the safety features of this penny board are pretty satisfactory too. It is fully capable of withstanding a 220 lb of weight load. So, it won’t break apart very easily. Also, the entire structure is highly flexible. As a result, this penny board it’s perfectly suitable for the kids to use (kids cannot shatter its deck).

  • Easy Installation And Usage :

As the entire penny board takes only 5 minutes to assemble, it is a perfect choice for those who don’t like to go through much hassle. So, kids can immediately start playing with it the moment it is unpacked.

Also, because this penny board comes in a 21.6 x 6 x 5 inches dimension, it is super friendly to carry around. So, you can use it to go to your school, shopping malls, playgrounds, etc.


  • Optimum durability
  • Perfect dimensions
  • Budget-friendly
  • Reliable construction
  • Replacement warranty


  • Lacks warranty

Comparison With Competitors:

In comparison, this particular penny board model is a better value for money option than the DINBIN Complete penny board (green). It’s because the penny board we have selected(DINBIN Complete Highly Flexible Plastic Cruiser Board) has all the features that the green version has. Yet, it’s at least 5$ cheaper.

2. OLEIO Mini Cruiser 23.2 In Skateboard- Best Penny Board Under 20$

For those people who are looking for a good quality penny board for around $20 (especially students), we have brought the OLEIO Mini Cruiser. Despite being an Inexpensive penny board, it packs all the perks of a full-fledged skateboard.

  • Aesthetic Appearance :

As this penny board comes in 6 different colors (pink, black, blue, deep, blue, green solid pink), it offers the user a wide variety of visual designs to select from. Also, it comes fully assembled in the package. So, you have no chance of making a mistake in assembling this penny board.

  • Durable Construction:

Just because it comes at a very cheap price, doesn’t mean it compromises on quality. This particular penny board is equipped with a fresh PP deck and 4 pieces of 78A grade adjustable wheels. Also, as the wheels are 60 mm in diameter, they can cruise through tough terrains pretty easily.

Not only that, because it is equipped with ABEC 9 grade bearings, it can withstand this high amount of weight (its weight capacity is up to 220 lb). Also, its trucks are made of stainless steel. This means it is fully fit to withstand the high impacts of bumpy terrains.

  • Optimum Shape And Size:

As this penny board comes in a 23.5 x 6.25 x 5 in dimension, it perfectly fits in a carry bag. Also, it’s got a dedicated handle that facilitates it to be carried in one hand. Furthermore, because this item only weighs about 1.90 kg, it is an ultraportable penny board.  


  • Smart appearance
  • Wide range of color variety
  • Top-notch construction materials
  • Reliable bearings
  • Ultraportable
  • Suited for beginners


  • Parts cannot individually be repaired 

Comparison With Competitors:

In comparison with its competitor Swell Skateboards 22 inch and 28 Inch Plastic Retro Mini Cruiser, it’s a better choice because it has a wider deck.

3. Cruiser Complete Skateboard for Girls- Best Around 50$ With LEDs

Now, it’s time to introduce you all to the best penny board under 50 USD. It’s the Cruiser Skateboard for Girls with LED. This particular penny board is dedicated to little boys and girls who want a visually pleasing ride to their school. It comes at a very low price, yet it packs all the visual aesthetics and construction features of a premium quality penny board. However, this is a type of board that I have bought for my kid Areeb a few months back. I found him riding smooth and easy on this board.

Well, let’s look t some features of this penny board.

  • Reliable Construction:

This particular penny board is manufactured with AAA PP plastic. So, it is fully able to withstand mediocre to a high level of crash impacts. Furthermore, it can withstand up to a whopping 370 lb of weight.

As it comes equipped with ABEC 7 grade bearings, it is fully suited for outdoor and indoor environments. On top of that, its 3.7-inch wheels are capable of cruising through even the toughest kind of asphalt.

  • Visually Pleasing And Fully Portable:

The best thing about this penny board is that it’s paired up with 4 LED lights that light up the feet of the rider. At night, it will surely catch everyone’s attention. So, it’s the perfect tool for those kids who want to pull off crazy stunts and get popular in their school. 

As this device comes in 22.8x 5.7 x 2.7 in dimension, it is very easy to carry around in a backpack. Also, it’s only 1.81 kg in weight. So, it will not be a burden to carry to your school classes.

  • Beginner Friendly:

Because this penny board is 5.7 inches wide, it is easy to maintain even for beginners. For people newly learning to ride penny boards, the combination of large wheel size and fully flexible deck comes as a blessing.

It’s also worth mentioning that it comes with a T-wrench and an Allen key. So, assembling this penny board is very convenient too.


  • Eye-catching design
  • Secure for kids to use
  • Solid construction
  • Large wheels
  • Optimum dimensions


  • No color variants

Comparison With Competitors:

We have contrasted this penny board with the DISUPPO Skateboards,31″ x 8″Complete Standard Skate Board for Beginners (its competitor). As a result, we have found out that the Cruiser Skateboard for Girls with LED is a clear winner in terms of durability and value for money.

4. Retrospec Quip 22.5″ and 27″ Classic Retro Skateboard- Best Penny Board Under 40$

If you want a classic-looking penny board under $40, you won’t get a better one than the Retrospec Quip Skateboard. This particular penny board is the prime example of a combination of visual aesthetics and top-notch construction hardware. Let’s see what it has to offer.

  • Balanced Construction And Dimensions:

As this penny board comes equipped with ABEC 7 grade bearings, it is fully suitable to withstand the weight of a medium to heavily weighted person. Also, it’s equipped with 4 pieces of 84A 60 mm polyurethane wheels. This means, with this penny board, you can cruise through on all types of asphalt and bumpy terrains.

  • Optimum Portability And Convenience:

As this device is only 22.5 inches in length and 6 inches in width, it is perfect to be carried around in a backpack. Also, its convenient dimensions, combined with its only 1.68 kg weight, facilitate an extreme level of portability.

In addition to that, it can withstand up to 220 lb of weight load. Therefore, it’s safe to say that it doesn’t compromise on quality either.

  • Heavy Performance Ability:

Because this penny board has a sleek design and portable construction, it facilitates many versatile maneuvers that cannot be done with many other heavy skateboards. 

Furthermore, since this penny board is easy to carry in one hand, stunt enthusiasts can utilize its lightweight nature to implement new stunt moves. Also, because it’s equipped with high-quality ABEC 7 grade bearings, it can very easily cover long-distance cruising. This makes it an all-rounder penny board for a small distance and large distance cruising.


  • Best value for money
  • Premium construction
  • Top-notch hardware
  • Sleek and futuristic design
  • Ultraportable
  • Wide variety of color options


  • Might be damaged by flame

Comparison With Competitors

In comparison to the Retrospec Alameda Skateboard (Maple wood version), our penny board in the discussion here is a better choice. Why? It’s because it’s made of plastic, which is more durable than maple.

5. Playshion Complete 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Skateboard- Best Penny Board Under 50$

Sometimes, we need a special kind of hardware that can provide the heaviest performance on a strict budget. One such product that has caught our attention is the Playshion Complete Skateboard for Beginners. Its special quality is that it’s the most premium penny board on a low budget.

  • Premium Aesthetics:

As this penny board comes in 3 different color variants(green, white, yellow), it is perfectly suited for all types of environments, be it casual or a bit formal. Meaning, you can use it in your playground, and also, it can be your medium of commuting to the college classes too.

Moreover, its wheels are also decorated in 3 different colors for 3 variants of the penny boards. This contrast of color between the wheels and the deck makes it a super-smart device to be chosen as a ride.

  • Strong Construction And Top-Notch Hardware:

As these penny boards are equipped with ABEC 9 grade bearings, they can easily be utilized in all types of bumpy terrains. Furthermore, its 60 mm wheels come with wheel bite protection features. This means even a beginner can practice with this penny board without any hardship.

Furthermore, its aluminum trucks are strong enough to support up to 220 lb of weight load. On top of that, its wheels are made of top-notch polyurethane plastic (it’s a special kind of rubbery plastic that does not get shattered very easily). As a result, no matter how much stress you put on this penny board, it doesn’t yield very easily.

  • Optimum Dimensions :

As this penny board comes in a 21.9 x 6 x 4.9 in dimension, it can easily be stored in a small place. For example, if you are in your college or school classes, you can just tuck this penny board in under your seat. 

Moreover, it’s also worth mentioning that this penny board comes fully assembled in the package. This means, without having to worry about assembly, you can start playing with it the moment you get your hands on it.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Premium Construction
  • Multiple color variants
  • Highly durable
  • Perfect dimensions


  • No warranty is offered

Comparison With Competitors:

We have compared this penny board to its closest competitor, Mini Cruiser Wood Longboard Style Skateboard. As it turns out, our penny board is better in construction because it combines aluminum structure with polyurethane plastic. Which, in turn, makes it more durable than its competitor.

6. WhiteFang Skateboards Kids Skateboard- Best Penny Board Under 30$

For those youngsters who need a budget-friendly penny board that is perfectly suitable to pull off all kinds of crazy stunts, we have brought the WhiteFang Skateboards 22 inches Kid’s Skateboard. Let’s find out what it offers for our young people: 

  • Robust Construction:

This particular penny board is especially known for its top-notch hardware. It’s equipped with 85A polyurethane wheels and top-notch aluminum trucks that have a high shock absorber capability. Moreover, its abilities are further decorated by the ABEC 9 standard bearings. Its wheels are 59 mm in diameter. That means it is well-equipped to handle all types of tough terrains and asphalt.

Furthermore, as the deck is made of polyurethane plastic, it can’t easily be shattered. So, unlike other materials such as maple, wood, bamboo, etc, it is not prone to physical damage.

  • Smart Appearance And Aesthetic Features:

As this penny board comes in 6 color variants (Black + White, Dino, Flow, Pa, Sta, Surf), the users have a wider choice to choose from. This also means that you can use this penny board on all sorts of occasions, be it formal or casual (it’s because different occasions suit different colors).

For heavy performers who want to pull off extreme level maneuvers with this penny board, it has a 30° kicktail design that facilitates an easy grab-and-go attitude. The White+Black variant of this penny board has a special type of printing on it that offers heat transfers from the deck’s surface. This means you can keep riding this penny board in full sun without having to worry about heat.

  • Super For Beginners And Kids:

As this penny board comes in a 22.5 x5.9x 3.8  inch dimension, it is especially suitable for kids and teens to use. Furthermore, its weight being only 1.66 kg, it’s perfect for kids to carry around in their backpacks.

Another thing worth mentioning that this penny board is that it’s fully waterproof and weatherproof. This means your kids can ride this penny board in snow, rain, sun, or any other weather condition. 


  • Lightweight
  • Ultraportable
  • Convenient dimensions
  • Strong construction
  • Lots of color options


  • Individual parts can’t be repaired

Comparison With Competitors:

We have compared this penny board with the Retrospec Alameda Skateboard(Canadian Maple penny board). As a result, we have found out that it’s more durable than its competitor because it’s made of polyurethane plastic (which is stronger than Maple wood).

Best Penny Boards: Cheap Vs Premium

While choosing a penny board, a lot of us tend to think that choosing a cheaper product must mean a compromise in quality. But as it turns out, it’s not true most of the time. You can pick certain penny boards that are cheap, but better in quality than a lot of pricey ones.

That’s why our recommendation to you is to evaluate all the products and decide which one provides the best value for the money. In buying a penny board, the prime objective is to find out those products that have the best price to performance ratio (we have done exactly that in the review section above). 

So, it’s safe to say that, in contrast between pricey and budget-friendly products, you can select the budget-friendly ones and still win.

Now, when it comes to buying a penny board, it’s better to keep things standard and minimalistic. Since a penny board is just a small-scale skateboard, it doesn’t need to be very expensive to provide the best quality. That’s why, in the above discussion, we have chosen only those products for you that are cheap, yet offer all the necessary features that a skateboarder might need. There are some penny boards which are expensive as well. Like Penny Australia board ranges from 70 dollars to 120 dollars. If you want to know the reason behind it, read this one.

Choosing The Best Cheap Penny Board: Buying Guide Of 2022

If you are looking to buy a cheap penny board that fulfills all your needs, we implore you to check a few certain aspects (Buying Guide) of each product. Let’s find out below what these aspects are:

No Compromise In Construction Material:

Since you are deciding to buy a budget-friendly penny board, you are likely to encounter a lot of cheaply made products in the market. But, we recommend that you seek only those products that do not compromise on construction materials. 

For example, you have to pick the penny board wheels that are made of polyurethane plastic and are equipped with at least ABEC 7 grade bearings. 

Furthermore, you have to make sure that the penny board you are choosing at least has an aluminum or stainless steel-made truck. As a result, you’ll get assurance that it will be able to withstand high amounts of weight loads.

Aesthetic Appearance In Low Budget:

Even if you pick a cheap penny board, you still can opt for a product that has a smart appearance and design. We recommend you to look for those products that have a high variety of color choices to select from. This will give you more freedom to match your taste of design and color with the product you are willing to buy.

Portability and Perfect Dimensions:

cheap penny board

We suggest that you check the product dimensions very well before purchasing a cheap penny board. If you are successful in choosing a penny board with optimal dimensions, it will be easy to carry in your bag. In turn, you’ll find your chosen penny board to be conveniently portable.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the general price range for a cheap penny board?

A budget-friendly penny board will ordinarily be around $20 to $50.

2. Why are penny boards cheaper than skateboards?

Penny boards are smaller and much more lightweight than normal skateboards. As a result, their construction materials take up less expense in the manufacturing process. That’s why penny boards are cheaper than skateboards.

3. Can penny boards be used to cruise through large distances?

Technically speaking, yes. You can cover large distances with a penny board. But, we recommend using a cruiser board for pulling off large distance travel.

Related Read: Dissimilarity between Penny board and Cruiser

The Bottom Line

In short, buying a cheap penny board can be a bit of a hassle because it requires you to comb through hundreds of projects available on the market. That’s why we have made the job easy for you here. If you need a budget-friendly

 a penny board that is perfect from an overall perspective, you can choose the DINBIN Flexible Plastic Cruiser Board. On the other hand, if you want to go even cheaper, it’s safe to opt for the OLEIO Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Or, if you would like to go a bit premium, the Playshion Mini Cruiser for Beginner is a safe choice. Although all the products we have selected have a high price to performance ratio, you still have the option to select the one that suits you the best. So, go ahead and choose one for yourself. We bid you the best of luck on that.

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