Benefits of Playing Tennis [Check Out The Bullet Points!]

tennis benefits

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Roger, the greatest ever tennis player, plays tennis only for the love of tennis, not for anything else. And, look at him: How the game makes him smart, good-looking, healthy and always smiling!

Here comes the point, like Roger, you can get amazing benefits of playing tennis. It helps develop your mind and health at the same time. To specify some, It makes you social, helps fight anxiety, lowers your blood pressure, weight, fat and so on.

In this article, I’ve described 12 such benefits of this game along with some disadvantages too. You must also check out tennis facts and 14 bullet points (benefits) in the end (Don’t miss it!)

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benefits of tennis

1. Cardiovascular Benefits

Tennis is a great sport that helps move all of your body parts. Eventually, you get some cardiovascular benefits out of playing tennis. Since it is a cardiovascular exercise, it helps lower your blood pressure, removes carbon dioxide from your body and injects more oxygen to your body which is beneficial for your health . It also raises HDL cholesterol which is good for your health and lowers bad LDL cholesterol condition in your body (blood).

2. Social Benefits

Suppose you are an introvert person and you want to change yourself, just go and connect yourself with the tennis community. Start playing tennis on a nearby tennis court. It will make you more social with your neighbors and acquaintances. 

In addition, take the chances of making new friends. In the same way, let your kids play tennis and make themselves social from the very beginning of their childhood. And you know, the more social they are and the network they make, the chances are more that they will be more successful in every step of their life.

Doctor Says…..

Dr. Brad Parsons describes very well about the benefits of playing this awesome game. What he tells about is it is a full body workout. It develops your arm, leg, core parts of the body and overall mental health that you want. For more, watch out this video.

3. Increases Aerobic Activity

Before talking about aerobic benefits, let’s learn about the term aerobic activity: in this activity, you have to repeatedly move the muscles of your arms, hips and legs. Doing so, you will breathe deep and faster. It increases the amount of oxygen in your blood and your heart beat will be faster, that ultimately increases the flow of blood to your lungs and muscles that is crucial for our sound health and mind.

And, you have to admit that in tennis you need to move all your muscles in different ways. So, you are getting all aerobic benefits mentioned above from the great game of tennis.

4. Tennis Decreases Fat  

If you have some unnecessary fat in your body, remember tennis is a solution for you. Compare it to pickleball, tennis requires more space and you have to work harder over here: move more, run more and more calorie burning. In the end, you will see losing your weight and reducing fat that you don’t really want. 

Normally, to reduce 1 pound of fat, you need to burn nearly 3500 calories. And, you will be happy to know that playing 1 hour of tennis a day would help losing one pound of fat a week. Go, play and burn! and be fit like Rafael!

5. Stronger Bones

A study shows that tennis players have stronger bones compared to other racket sports players.

In general, bone mineral density drops for pregnant women. But, the women who play recreational tennis regularly, they would not lose their bone density much compared with other women who don’t  play tennis. 

6. Weight Loss

Tennis not only entertains you but also helps to lose some of your unwanted pounds. 

Let’s have a quick note:

Normally a singles tennis game helps more in weight loss. A 70 kilos weighted person can burn almost 520 calories playing a singles game. One thing you must remember is that, if you want to lose more, you need to be more active and work more on the court. 

7. Metabolic benefit

The metabolism process converts your food into energy. And research says that tennis helps much in getting most of the metabolic benefits. The process also benefits you to lose resting heart rate and blood pressure. You can also get toned with your muscles and find the flexibility and strength you need.

8. Helps Fight Anxiety and Stress

According to Gizi Fernandez, tennis is a more mind game (almost 84.2 percent) than physical. So, playing tennis on a regular basis boosts up your mental condition and decreases mental stress. When you play tennis, you get all kinds of physical benefits out of it and it then sends a positive signal to your mind and you feel fun and enjoyment. Finally, you can say goodbye to all your anxiety.

9. Full Body Workout

Tennis can be called an ace for strength training. Executive director of the ITPA (International Tennis Performance Association), Mark Kovacs, PhD confirms tennis as a high intensity training workout (full body workout) and he said that it helps burn between 400 & 1000 an hour. 

As a full body workout, tennis helps in the reasons like: lowers time commitment, increases muscle recovery rate, boosts testosterone, allows more time in other activities etc. (Detail here)

10. Heart Functioning

Anaerobic tennis does two important things for your heart: increases the rate of oxygen intake and helps your heart rate go up. Ultimately, it lets your whole body get more oxygen and develops your muscles and cells more effectively.

11. Develop Cognitive skills

Cognitive skills include strong attention, quick response, fast information exchange, flexibility and control, good memory, pattern recognition etc. If you play tennis on a regular basis, you can see these all types of skills you have after a certain period of time. 

12. Improves Work Ethic

Tennis makes you disciplined and determined. Tennis helps you work effectively and efficiently. And, it not only benefits you on the court but also in every step of your life.

Benefits of Playing Tennis Against A Wall

Hitting a tennis ball against a wall is beneficial for players for many reasons. Some of them are as below:

  • Kind of Warm up
  • Develops footwork
  • Toning Muscle
  • Stroke repetition improves the quality of serve and stroke
  • Benefits of practicing alone
  • It improves the reflexes
  • It can improve decision-making and timing 
  • Affordable

On the other hand, if you want to know what are the disadvantages of playing tennis against a wall, read this SportsEver article

Other Tennis Benefits

  1. It decreases the chances of having diabetics
  2. It decreases the risk of osteoporosis
  3. Develops agility
  4. Helps in playing other sports
  5. To have perfect body shape and balance
  6. Nutritional benefits
  7. Develop immune system
  8. Rises stamina level
  9. Motivational benefits
  10. Decision making skills
  11. Eyesight development
  12. Strengthens hand grip
  13. Tennis boosts confidence
  14. Help other sports to play well

Disadvantages of Playing Tennis

Advantages of tennis are many. It has some disadvantages too. Let’s check out:

  • Chances of serious injuries
  • Some tennis equipment are costly
  • It’s not a team sport
  • It cannot be played alone like skateboarding
  • Lack of tennis court
  • May need more time to finish a game
  • Needs more energy in a competitive game

Suggestions for the Olders

If you are a senior (age is above 60), I would not suggest you play tennis. Rather than this, you can play other racket like badminton to get some health benefits (which are almost like tennis) and here, you have to work way lesser than you need to do in tennis.

Video on Benefits


I can talk even more and more about the benefits of playing tennis. However, the above are the main benefits I have ever found out of playing and seeing others. Even then, if I missed any important point, please let me know and make the article even more resourceful for the tennis benefits.

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