14 Amazing Benefits of Playing Badminton

Benefits of Playing Badminton

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a racket sport which is fun and easy and can be practiced with a few simple rules can be called badminton. It helps us to build a healthy heart and life with its endless benefits.  Benefits of playing badminton are not bound to our body only but also it boosts our mind. Badminton is popular for Its easy playing system and benefits.

Most importantly, to get all these benefits, you must ensure to have the best badminton equipment like a top class racket, a durable pair of badminton shoes, and a few good quality shuttlecocks. Let’s come to the point then, have a look at 14 benefits followed by some important FAQs.

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1. Strengthen  the Muscle

To make yourself strong and fit, it’s essential to boost up your muscles. By playing badminton,  you can boost it up easily. Movement of hands and different posture of the body during the game helps to strengthen the muscle, especially hamstrings, butt, quads and gluts. 

2. Improves Heart Functioning

Continuous badminton playing can improve your heart function. It strengthens your heart muscles and improves the blood circulation in your veins. It also reduces the cholesterol level and decreases  the chances of heart strokes and attacks. If there is any block in heart, it may unclog the block walls by increasing the blood flow.

3. Helps to Reduce Stress

Badminton is a high intensity training exercise that makes us free from stress. Stress is such a problem in our life which makes our lives unhappy. But if you play badminton regularly, it will help to reduce your stress and give you a chance to live a joyous and healthy life.

4. Improves Flexibility

Flexibility is the quality of bending easily without breaking. Flexibility varies from man to man. People who play badminton regularly can improve this quality. Making an everyday habit of playing badminton helps to flex the muscles and maintain a healthy and strong life. So, be flexible with badminton.

5. Boost up Metabolism

Metabolism converts your food into energy what you eat and drink. One of the most important benefits of playing badminton is to boost up your metabolism rate. And, badminton helps in this conversion and makes you more energetic and active.

6. Improves Mental Agility

Mental agility is just having quickness of mind, fresh connection between different things and being comfortable with complexity. If you play badminton regularly, your mental agility will be developed and it helps you to learn how to move, how to shoot, and you will learn how your body should react with your competition. 

7. Strengthen Your Bone

Being physically strong is very important in your life. This physical strength depends on your strong bone function. And, you can make it happen properly by playing a sport like badminton every day. This racket sport improves not only flexibility or mental agility but also it strengthens your bones and arms. Every move while playing Badminton makes each and every skeleton healthy.

8. Help To Be Social

The game badminton is played by two or four members. So, you can’t ignore being social and friendly by playing this game. You can make more friends and get a good network through playing badminton.

Moreover, making your children extroverted and social from the beginning of their childhood is also very important. Just send your child to your nearest badminton court and make them connected with the local badminton community. 

9. Help In Weight Loss

Playing badminton everyday for an hour burns up to about 480 calories. Minimum 4kg weight loss in a month is possible if you can make it a habit. A Singles badminton game can help more to burn fat and lower calories. So Badminton is not only an entertaining game but also it helps to reduce unwanted weight. However, if you want to burn more than this, you need to play other racket sports like tennis or pickleball.

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10. Decrease The Chances of Diabetes

Badminton burns up glucose and increases the insulin level. Relationship between Badminton and reduction of diabetes is not scientifically proved. But it sweats a lot to decrease the overall production of unnecessary sugar. That’s how it can decrease the chances of diabetes. 

11. Improves Lung Function

Regular running on a badminton court increases lung capacity and heart rate. While you play badminton, your body is jumping, running  and stretching. Eventually, these improve the respiratory muscles function and develop the lung condition. Study says that a badminton players’ lung capacity is higher than the normal persons who don’t play sports like badminton. So, go play the sport and stay healthy.

12. Reduce The Chances of Depression

A common mental health problem is depression. More than 20% to 30% risk of depression can be lowered by practicing a game like badminton. It is a sport where you have to focus only on the court and give 100% attention on the game. By doing so, you will feel mentally fresh and free from any mental depression. 

13. Improves Teamwork Capability

Though Badminton is not a team sport like cricket or football, still you have the chance to meet many people joining any club tournament. There, you have to meet and mix a number of new or already known guys. Ultimately, you can learn to handle teamwork like how to play, where to play, who will play or not. That’s how playing badminton improves teamwork capability. 

14. Improves Sleep

Like all other sports, badminton  also helps to improve sleep quality. Regular practice of badminton can give you a proper sleep at night and In time, it gives you super activity power all over the day.

So, these are the 14 benefits I have found so far from playing this entertaining game. However, if you want to know more, you can check out what sportadvice says about.


Does Playing Badminton Reduce Belly Fat?

Badminton is treated as a highly entertaining game and it helps to lose weight and calories as fast as it is played regularly. It can also reduce belly fat if you continue playing for at least 3months. Besides, you have to maintain your food habit as well.

Is there any disadvantages of Playing Badminton?

√ Tremendous injury may happen while playing badminton. 

√ Badminton may cause knee problems too as they are in serious pressure during the game.

√ Mostly one arm is being used for playing badminton. It may be injured if the direction of movement is not perfect.

Why Do You Love Playing Badminton? 

Badminton is a pleasing game and also beneficial for our health and mind. It helps to develop management capacity, focus, timing capability and perfection in all aspects. So, If you have interest in any games,  you will surely love playing badminton too.

A Video On the Benefits


Benefits of Badminton is endless. It’s not only entertaining but also helps to be fit in your daily life. So, go ahead to your nearest badminton court and play for the betterment of your health and mind. 

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