Bauer Vapor Vs Supreme Skates: A Comprehensive Comparison


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Having a few rounds of ice hockey adventure every once in a while is a great way to get your blood pumped. This adventure becomes even sweeter if you have got your buddies accompanying you in the court. That’s exciting!

Well, unless you’re familiar with the basics of this game, I would say you should get familiar with it right away. Thank me later!

And if you are already into ice hockey, you should definitely get to know which type of gear is good for you. It’s because gears keep you safe and safety is always the first and foremost priority, right? Give us a minute to enlighten you real quick!

To give you a bit of backstory, since 1927, Bauer Hockey Inc. has been serving hockey fans with its multiple lines of products. Right now, it has 3 popular hockey product lines for its fans: Vapor, Supreme, and Nexus.

But, in this article, we have come up with a comprehensive comparison between 2 of the popular product lines for you: Bauer Vapor vs Bauer Supreme, so you can choose the suitable one for you. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Bauer Vapor vs Supreme: which is which?

Both the lines (Vapor and Supreme) have a wide variety of hockey goods available on the market: skates, sticks, gloves, pants, etc. 

Mind you, Vapor is more suitable for people who have a body that requires narrow-fit hockey goods. So, if you have narrow feet, vapor skates will be a perfect choice for you. 

On the other hand, the Supreme line of hockey goods is most suitable for those who have a body that requires medium-fit profile hockey goods. For instance: if you have wide feet, the average fit skates from Supreme will most likely be suitable for your feet.

Also, there is Nexus: another line of hockey goods that will mostly suit people with larger or wider body profiles. However, the products from Vapor and Supreme are suitable enough for an average consumer.


Vapor has a renowned skate model: BAUER VAPOR 2X PRO and Supreme has an equally efficient model: BAUER SUPREME 2S PRO.

Although both of these two models have different characteristics, their features are fully utilized when a professional hockey player takes advantage of both types. 

Let’s get to know some of the comparisons between these two:

Volume:low-volume skates, suitable for narrow-fit legs.Medium-volume skates, suitable for average fit legs.
Toe box:Narrow size toe space and standard size toe box.Medium size toe space and medium-size toe box meant for a natural fit.
Padding:Aero Foam Pro padding is included for extreme comfort.Reflex Pro tongue contributes to a complete 360-degree fit experience.
Purpose:Designed to provide ultimate comfort.Designed to provide power.

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Vapor or Supreme: Which One is Quicker or Supportive?

Skates Fits from Bauer are the results of extended research from real-world data of more than 1 million feet scans and feet profiles. 

By producing the Vapor line, Bauer takes care of those consumers who want a pair of quick performance skate fits. On the other hand, for those consumers who want more power at their feet, Bauer has the Supreme skates fit line.

While the Vapor skates fit offers tendon guards that are maximum supportive, the Supreme skates provide a flexible tendon guard for a higher degree of mobility.

Plus, the Vapor skates fit comes in an asymmetrical taper construction, whereas the Supreme skates fit are symmetrical taper.

Vapor skates consist of torsional soft lower flex, on the contrary, the Supreme skates have a torsional soft lower flex feature.


A special ability of these Vapor skates is that you can attain more control over your skates if you use them. It’s because of the Integrated Injected Facing support. On top of that, the boot is made of reinforced CARBON CURV composite material, so extra protection with additional flexibility is ensured.

These special features contribute to the capability of high-speed maneuvers by the BAUER VAPOR 2X PRO Skates. Moreover, the steel blade is made of LS5 steel that can harness the highest speed and still accommodate the sharpest turns because of its ultra-sharp edges.

Plus, the outsole of these skates is made of Ventilerende Komposit. This feature helps in high turns in the running track and assists the player to complete outstanding speedrunning maneuvers.

The TUUK LIGHTSPEED EDGE firmly holds the blades in their position. So, the performer remains secured even in bumpy terrains. As the record tells us, there has not been a single incident of the blades coming apart out of the boots at the time of performance.

In terms of comfort, Aero Foam PRO Memory Form pending protects the ankle from even the most ghastly impacts.


These skates swallow the feet in such a way that you feel a 360 degree fit of comfort, thanks to its REFLEX- PRO tongue. Mainly made for heavy performance, their boots are made of CURV® Composite materials that contribute to extreme comfortability and smooth maneuvers.

The inner layer of the boot anatomically hugs your feet to provide you with an even higher degree of confidence when you are wearing it.

The BAUER SUPREME 2S PRO Skates are equipped with premium LIGHTSPEED 5 carbon EDGE steel blades that have an ultra-sharp edge. Because of this, you get the maximum facility in the game in terms of delivering explosive strides.

For extra protection, the ankle area is padded with Lightweight Memory Foam ankle pads. This provides comfort to the performer’s heels and ankles. In turn, confident gameplay delivery is made possible for the player. 

The footbed equipped with BAUER SPEED PLATE 2.0 absorbs the shock from the ground and protects the feet from heavy damage. That’s why, even in times of dangerous maneuvers, the player stays confident and is able to put much more power into the game.

Hockey Sticks: Vapor vs Supreme

Just as hockey skates, Bauer also has a series of hockey sticks available for its fans, such as Vapor Flylite, Supreme 2S Pro, Nexus 2N Pro.

It is beyond saying that Vapor and Supreme sticks are most popular among hockey fans. So, let’s take a quick look at a comparison between the two:

STICKS:Vapor FlyliteSupreme 2S Pro
Suitable for: quick-release and puck-handling shots.full-motion wrist shots or heavy slapshots.
Kick point: Low kick point, most suitable for one-timer shots.High kick point, suitable for the heavy and hardest type of shots.
Construction:The stick is built from a poly-carbon fiber plastic blend to provide the most flexibility in shots.Decorated with RenewCore technology liquified permanent gels so the stick feels sturdy to hold during the whole game.

Vapor Flylite:

This model of the hockey stick from Bauer is optimized for quick shots and crafty handling of the puck. Professional players use this model to conduct small and tricky shots on the court.

Supreme 2S Pro:

For players who want more power on the hockey court, this stick model is a blessing. Long and powerful snapshots and full-motion shots with the wrist can easily be done with this hockey stick.

Plus, you can also go to a full extent and try your hardest and heaviest shots with the Supreme stick.

Hockey Gloves: Vapor vs Supreme

Hockey gloves are also as versatile as all the other products from Bauer, such as:

1. Vapor 1X Lite. 

2. Supreme 2S Pro. 

3. Nexus 2N.

The Vapor and Supreme gloves are the most popular and commonly chosen among the 3 types. 

Have a look at the comparison between the Vapor and Supreme globes:

Gloves:Vapor 1X LiteSupreme 2S Pro
Fit:Tapered fit, tight around the fingers, and looser around the calf area.Snug and tight fit throughout all areas of the gloves. The calf area is tight-fitting too.
Space:Extra space is available after wearing it on the hands. No negative space is available after wearing it.
Purpose:Comfortability and ease of fit.Quick response and fast performance.
Constriction:Loose around the wrist area, so zero constriction around the wrists.Tightly fit around the calf area too, contributes to some degree of constriction.
Fit type:Tapered fit.Contoured fit.


The Vapor 1X Lite serves its user the best in the cases when the player needs a globe that has tapered fit features.

However, the Supreme 2S Pro is built with quick performance features. Using this type of gloves, the player can move and respond faster to protect himself.

Hockey Pants: Vapor vs Supreme

Similar to the previously mentioned products, Bauer also has 3 lines of hockey pants for its consumers: Vapor pants, Supreme pants, and Nexus pants. Take a quick Look at our comparison between the Vapor and Supreme pants in the below table.

Fit type:Tapered fit.Narrow fit.
Constriction:Loose around the knees and tight around the waist area.Tight all around the knee and hip area.
Space:Space is left available inside the pants after wearing them, this contributes to a more comfortable and wide range of maneuvers.No negative space is left available after the user wears it. This tight-fitting feature contributes to faster response and quick maneuvers.
Protection:Extra protection is not needed.Extra padding is added to provide more protection.


Bauer manufactures Vapor pants by keeping comfortability and easy movement in mind.

On the flip side, it produces Supreme pants to facilitate fast performance and quick response for its users.

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Protective Pads: Vapor vs Supreme

Let’s have a glance at some comparisons between the Vapor and Supreme protective pads:

Fit type:Tapered fitTight fit
Shoulder pads:More padding is provided in the shoulder area relative to the abdomen. This feature protects the shoulder from the hardest hits.Honeycomb-style padding is added to provide 360-degree protection to the shoulder. The abdomen is also protected with the same padding. 
Elbow pads:The bicep region will have heavier padding relative to forearms.Both the bicep and the forearm region have the same amount of padding with tight-fitting construction.
Shin pads:Narrow fit towards the ankles and more padding is available throughout the knee area. This contributes to the extra protection of the knees.Both the ankles and knee area are secured with honeycomb-style extra paddings. This contributes to 360-degree protection of the legs.


Vapor protective gears from Bauer provide a tapered fit and a comfortable moving experience.

On the other side, Supreme facilitates tight-fitting protection of the body that also contributes to faster response time and quick actionability. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

 1. Question: what is the main distinction between Vapor and Supreme?

Answer: The Vapor line of products from Bauer is manufactured with a tapered construction, contributing to a comfortable and wider range of maneuvers by the players.

The Supreme line of products prioritizes speed and quick action in the field of hockey.

2. Question: is Supreme better than Vapor?

Answer: Supreme and Vapour, both the types have their own sets of pros and cons. People who want a tight-fitting experience with their hockey goods should opt for Supreme. 

However, those who want more comfort and tapered-in fitting can choose Vapor.

3. Question: Do Vapor skates have lower kick points than Supreme?

Answer: yes, Vapor skates have lower kick points relative to Supreme skates.

Final Words:

Well, there you have it, people. Now that you’ve got a clear understanding of Bauer Vapor VS Supreme. Hopefully, if you’ve already read between the lines of this article, you’ll be able to choose the one which will best fit your needs.

To sum it all up, though both Vapor and Supreme line of goods from Bauer have their own sets of positives and negatives, choosing either of them only depends on the preference of fit by the player.

Now it’s your turn. Was the information in the above article helpful to you? If so, please do let me know in the comment box below and also consider browsing through other sections of our website. It was a pleasure being of help to you. Have a good day, thanks!!!

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