36 Basketball Equipment List for Beginners, Pros and Trainers!

Basketball Equipment List

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Sports are a great way to get active and have fun. For years, Basketball has been one of the most popular sports because it requires little equipment and is easy for anyone to learn!

In order to play basketball; you need a ball (obviously), hoop-something that allows players to put the ball through them-, team members, opponents, or teammates depending on if you are playing alone with friends or in an organized game where everyone plays both offense and defense during each round.

Besides, basketball is a popular worldwide sport played by both men and women. If you are new to the game, check out these 36 essential items for your kit bag!

Top 2 Equipment: Hoop and Basketball

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Basketball Essentials Listed and Described

After reading from the ball to Kick Out Ball Return, don’t miss out on Basketball training equipment below:

The Ball

To play the game you must need a ball. The basketball size is measured 29.5 inches in and according to the NBA, the ball must be pressurized between 7.5 and 8.5 pounds per square inch. The materials of the basketball are rubber, polyester, nylon, and nylon in combination with leather also. The small size of the basketball is also available for kids. Basketball court authorities or community centers of health may provide the ball. But it’s always been a pleasure to have your own ball if you want to play Basketball regularly. 


The backboard is one of the most important pieces of equipment to play Basketball. It is made of metal, wooden or transparent glass. You can install your blackboard in your home backyard or in the driveway. Normally, the backboard measures 6 feet i.s 183 cm and 3.5 feet i.e 107 tall. The rectangular backboard is placed behind the basket and the hoops are 18 inches in diameter. 

The Hoop

without hoops,  the court would not be considered a basketball court. So the hoop is another most important piece of equipment for this game. The Hoops contain a rim, net, and metal posts that are placed beyond the backboard of the court. You can play two types of games in Basketball: Halfcourt and Full Court. Half Court is played by one hoop and the full court with two hoops. The hoop is 10 ft i.e 305 cm above from the ground. 

Basketball Jersey 

On the court, the jersey is a must for the players to identify themselves. The name and number of the players are featured on the back and front of the jersey. Normally, the home team wears light colors and the visiting team wears dark color jerseys. To represent each team, players have to wear a similar color within a team. Jersey varies in size and design. 



If you want to play frequently, you must invest in basketball shoes. To give you safety and support and protection to your anklet during play, basketball shoes are made heavier. There are lots of brands that provide quality for basketball players. But all are not the same. So, you have to try them out and make sure which product or quality shoes give you more congenial or pleasure. You may need a few times to feel comfortable with your new pair of shoes.

Basketball Shorts

Shorts is no doubt another most essential piece of equipment for your basketball tournament. If you play outside in cold weather, you may not want shorts. You can use pants then. 

But if you play indoor, you must choose shorts matching with your Jersey in a League match. Normally nylon fabric that gives a basketball player maximum comfort is being used to make shorts. Adidas, Nike, under armor all make quality shorts. A popular brand called Soffe makes cotton gym shorts. You will start sweating during your play. So, choose comfortable shorts to play smoothly. 

Basketball Socks

Some may think socks are not important in basketball, but to ignore stepping on your feet and shoes, socks are a must. Here it is important to choose the right socks because while you play, you sweat a lot, and then your socks observe lots of sweat. So it’s very necessary to choose the branded socks which make you feel comfortable and your feet will remain dry and clean. There are two types of socks in the marketplace, one is long and another is short. You have to decide which of these you look decent and feel comfortable with.


Headbands are another piece of equipment for basketball players. To personalize, your style in court and to make a unique look you can use headbands. It can also stop sweating during playtime by using traditional cotton sweatbands or branded dry headbands. So a headband can make you look great and feel cozy in your game. 

Rings and Rims

The basketball rim is the part, from where the ball is going through. Normally high-quality carbon steel is being used to manufacture basketball rims. The rod is being formed into a ring and it is 18 inches in diameter. This rim or hoop has pressure to release the ball and bend it when the basketball players dunk the ball and hold onto it. Avobe 10 feet from the ground. This ring is attached to the backboard. 

Shooting Sleeves 

Basketball shooting sleeves are an optional piece of equipment that you need in your game. It’s optional but it’s very important to protect muscle from injury. Using it depends on a player’s preference and comfort. It is also known as comparison sleeves too.

Shot Clocks

In a basketball match, a countdown timer is used to set time, this is called a shot clock. 

Shot clock time is allotted by 24 seconds in NBA, WNBA and in international play. In Women’s college basketball, it is 30 seconds, and 35 seconds in men’s college. Shot clock violation happens when the time runs without a shot being taken. The shot clock can be connected with the blackboard also. When it is attached to the backboard, a red light lights up and the time expires. 

Basketball Throwback Jersey 

Jersey that was worn by the team or famous player in earlier matches is called the basketball throwback Jersey. It’s not as much essential equipment that you need in your play. But wearing a throwback Jersey can give you much confidence to perform better than the best. But in the 2005 NBA, players were banned to wear throwback jerseys. 

Basketball Uniform 

When all the team members wear the same outfit, it is called a uniform. While playing basketball, make sure that all the members are wearing the same. In a basketball uniform, a Jersey, a shirt and a pair of socks and shoes are mostly similar. The visitor team wears dark-colored Jersey and the home team wears light colors. You can buy this uniform at a cheap rate from your nearest shop or online shop.


The whistle is the most important piece of equipment in Basketball. Without a whistle, referees cannot stop or start the game, can’t give commands, or cannot gather players for various reasons. The whistle is also used to signal fouls, dead balls and any violation. 


Another non-essential type of equipment is a basketball wristband. Players use wristbands only for style on the court. You may see that most of the players use wristbands that are made of rubber. 

Dribbling Goggles

This equipment is recommended for basketball players. You can learn to dribble with your eyes and be able to look at the basketball and ball handling with this great tool. 

Agility Ladder 

To improve footwork for players, an agility ladder is a great tool. It’s recommended for coaches and trainers. They train players with this equipment. 

Tennis Ball

The tennis ball is training equipment in basketball for trainers or coaches. In this game, hand and eye coordination is a big deal. And using a tennis ball is a great way to develop the player’s hand and eye connection with the ball.

Kick Out Ball Return 

This equipment is recommended for players. This great product allows them to shoot and then return the ball to them quickly. It saves lots of time and energy for the players. 

Other Training equipment on the list. 

  1. Jump rope

2. Double Double 

3. Dribble Stick

4. Solo Assist

5. Blocking pad 

6. Pro-Shot Finger Spacer 

7. Multi-Purpose Resistance Bands

8. Disc Cone

9. PowerHandz

10. Agility Hurdles 

11. Resistance Bands

12. Big Cone

13. Weighted Speed Vest

14. The D-Man Shape

15. Elevation Training Mask for Players 

16. Ball Hog Gloves 

17. Weighted Basket Trainer

And many more.


  1. What is the first equipment used in Basketball? 

Ans: A soccer ball was used in playing basketball at first. Tony Hinkle made a brown color ball specially for basketball players in 1905. Later, he launched the orange ball which is now common in use. He thought that the ball must be more visible to the players. 

2. Is it bad to play basketball daily? 

Ans: Playing basketball every day is not bad at all. Anything you do daily to improve your skills or overall health benefits is not bad. But, don’t do it for the whole day and don’t put up so much stress on your body and muscles. 

3. Are basketball and volleyball knee pads the same?

The knee pad is an important item in both volleyball equipment and basketball, but they are not the same. If you have got the right volleyball knee pad, it must have bigger padding that is necessary for kneecap protection while diving or digging. On the other hand, your basketball knee pads should be longer to protect your kneecap and shin against any blows from the ball or opponent.

3. What are the major benefits of basketball? 

Ans: Benefits of basketball are a lot. It

√ Strengthens the muscle 

√ Improves agility 

√ Increases stamina and strength 

√ Improves building healthy bones

√ Develops heart functioning 

√ Decreases stresses 

√ Helps to lose weight 

√ Improves self-confident 

√ Team spirit builds up.

Last Word

Here we try to list some equipment that players, trainers, and coaches use in a basketball game. Hope you enjoy the article  and understand what equipment you have to buy.

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