Badminton vs Tennis (Which is Best For You?)

Badminton vs Tennis

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Badminton is often compared to tennis by those who are not familiar with these two games. Some also compare to decide which is the best one for him or her.

Well, both sports share a number of similar characteristics since they started their journey. Though they have some similarities, inequalities of them are also a lot. Rules of the playing system, court dimensions, equipment required, scoring system, type of shots, duration, speed, weight of ball and playing objects are some issues on which badminton differs from tennis. 

For instance, in place of shuttlecock used in badminton, tennis needs a tennis ball to play with. If you want to know all about badminton vs tennis, you must reach up to the end of this article where I have also informed how many calories you can burn from both these sports.

Let’s start with the Type first.

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Types of Game

Badminton is an indoor Game and In this sport, the  air affects your play heavily. 


Well, the most important stuff in badminton is a shuttlecock which is very light. Because of this lightweight shuttle or the birdie, most of the badminton tournament is played indoors. Normally a warehouse or a multipurpose gym is being used for this indoor game. 

On the other side, Tennis is played both outdoor and indoor. In outdoor, the area with fences all around is typically used for outdoor tennis Sports. To avoid the ball bouncing  so far away from the court, the area is fenced off. You can easily find  a  tennis court in your local high school area or in a tennis club. The most important staff in tennis is the ball which is heavier than the badminton birdie. So the wind does not affect  the game as much as it affects in badminton. (More tennis info here)

You can also play tennis indoors to avoid sunshine. But it is not played indoors as much as badminton is.

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Court Dimension

Courts are a little different in badminton and tennis. Badminton court shape is rectangular and it is divided  by a badminton net. The length of the court is 44ft i,e 13.4m in size and 20 ft width i.e.6.1 in meters. The Double court is wider than the single ones but the length is equal. In single court, width is being reduced by 3 feet and the size is 17 ft i.e 5.18 m.

On the other hand,tennis court length is 78 ft i.e 23.77 m and width is 36 ft i.e 10.97 m in a double tennis match. Like badminton, width is also reduced by 3 ft in a single game. So the width of a single matches court is 27 ft i.e 10.97 m.

Length of the tennis court is also the same in both singles and doubles, like badminton. And the tennis court length is 1.8 times longer and 2.1 times wider than the badminton court. 

Equipments Needed in Badminton

The most important equipment in a Badminton match is a racquet, shuttlecock, net, badminton shoes and attire. We are going to describe about equipment that needed in badminton and tennis:


Badminton rackets are made by different types of materials. Selection of materials make you feel different for the weight of the racket, strings quality and balancing points. Choose a racket that makes your game more comfortable. 


Another equipment you need to play badminton is a shuttlecock, which is also called the birdie.It is made of synthetic plastic and goose feathers. Duck feathers are also used for making shuttle. But the professional badminton players like to use goose feathers birdie. These birdies may have more consistent fly compared to other types.


You can manage a badminton net from your nearest badminton community. But if you need your own net to set up a badminton court in your home yard then find it on some online shop. 

Badminton Shoe

Without a comfortable shoe you can’t play your game easily. Badminton shoes are made light in weight, perfect to jump well, to grip and to stop whenever it’s needed. 

Badminton Attire

To play smoothly, you need a total badminton attire as well. You can’t  make your game entertaining and enjoyable without a comfortable attire. 

badminton goods vs tennis goods

Equipment Needed in Tennis 


Tennis rackets are made by aluminium, graphite or wood. The strings of the racket are made of nylon, gut or synthetic gut which make the racket more strong. The shape of the racket is oval and the handle is narrow. A quality racket can make your game so perfect. 

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A yellow coloured spherical ball is being used in tennis. To make this ball, a pressurized rubber is being used. The manufacturers first use semi spherical half shells and then join it. The ball is made large and soft, which allows it to move slower and bounce low.


To separate the players in a tennis court, a rectangular net is a must. The ball should not pass through the net. And the net must cover the total space of the net post. Normally the net is tied 3 feet above from the ground. 

Tennis Shoe

Shoes that you usually use to run and move here and there are not perfect for your tennis match. Literally tennis shoes are made to give you best stability and effort to play fluently. So you must need a perfect tennis shoe for your perfect game. 

Tennis Attire

A comfortable attire or dress is another important thing in a tennis match. Men and women wear T-shirts that are made of polyester. This material does not absorb sweat and that keeps players cool although the game. So get a comfortable attire to boost up your comfort zone to play tennis.


The time or duration is a common comparison in tennis vs badminton sports. Here we will  discuss the average duration of a rally, a set and a match in badminton and tennis.

 √ Badminton rally is shorter than tennis on average. Average badminton rally for men is 4.62 seconds and in tennis that is 5.8 seconds. √ Rally for women in badminton is 4.16 seconds and 6.3 seconds in tennis rally. 

That means the highest duration between tennis and badminton is 1.1 and 1.7 on average. 

√ Data from University of Malaysia says that badminton matches are shorter than tennis and it’s about more than 17 minutes. 

Actually the data may vary from one to another.The rally or a match duration depends on a players stability and stamina, the more they can play the more the duration is being bordered or may be shorter. 

Badminton vs Tennis between speed of ball and shuttle:

The tennis racket is bigger than the badminton and the ball is heavier than the shuttle. So you may think that the speed of tennis balls is higher than the speed of the shuttlecock. But alas! you are far away from the truth. The Guinness World  Record says that the fastest shot in tennis is 263 km / per hour and in badminton that  is 426 km/  per hour. So, the birdie is 1.6 times faster than the tennis ball.

In the fastest shot, female players in tennis touch 131 km /per hour. and in badminton that is 372 km/ per hour. 

How to Get Points

There are lots of differences to get points in badminton and tennis sports. 

✔️ To get points you must not hit the badminton birdie to the ground before it goes to the opposite side, however, you can bounce the ball before hitting to the ball on the other side.

✔️ In a badminton match you need 21 points to win a game, both single and double matches. And in tennis you need 4 points to win a game. To win a set you have to win 6 games, and if you want to win a match then you must win 2 sets of tennis games.

✔️Every serve scores a point  in badminton and tennis also.

✔️you must wait for the shuttle to cross the net. If your body or racket touch the net before crossing the birdie,, as a result a point is being conceded for the opponents. Meanwhile a point is scored in tennis before the opponent striker strikes the ball without bouncing twice on the server side. 

Shots in Badminton and Tennis

There are some standard shots in Badminton and tennis. In badminton shots are:

  1. Clear 
  2. Drop 
  3. Drive
  4. Lift
  5. Smash.

Clear: Clear shot is being played highly. the player hits the birdie from the end of the court side to another far away Court side is called clear shot. It can be played lower too.

Drop: When the shuttlecock is close to the net and it can be played from anywhere on the court is called drop shot. 

Drive: Birdie that just goes above the net is called the drive flat shot. Drive shot is typically very fast and it plays as both offensive and defensive tactic. 

Lift: Lift is a defensive shot and it’s high and towards the backcourt. Lift is being played from the forecourt. 

Smash: In badminton, smash is the most lethal shot. It is played from the backcourt and midcourt. It is also very close to the net. It’s played to provide less time for the opponent.

In tennis there are 4 standard shots. Let’s have a look for those.

  1. Drop
  2. Forehand 
  3. Lob
  4. Volley 

Drop: Drop shot is pretty similar with the badminton drop shot. In this shot the ball is very close to the net, and to make the competitor run forward to retrieve it.

Forehand/Backhand Groundstroke: The bread and butter shot in tennis is forehand /backhand groundstroke. These shots attempt to keep other players far away from the court and net by hitting the ball flat. It is similar to the badminton drive shot. 

Lob: Another high shot in tennis is the lob. It is like a badminton lift shot. To defend, lobs can be a great shot.

Volley: Volley is the shot that players have to hit the ball without bouncing on their side. To win a point, this shot is typically used in front of the court, and the opponent gets pressure during play.

Calories Burn in Badminton and Tennis

Health benefits are a very common issue in badminton and tennis. 

If you play badminton an hour regularly, you can burn 480 (lb) calories. So make a habit of playing  badminton an hour daily. You can lose a minimum 4 kg within a month if you make it a habit. 

On the other hand, you can burn 575 to 775 calories per hour. For your fitness goal you can make tennis as your first choice. 

So, Tennis can burn more calories than badminton. 


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Both badminton and tennis have lots of similarities and dissimilarities in their own way. In this article we have tried to compare the basics of these two games. Hope you enjoyed it and as an allsupersports lover, try to play both to discover badminton vs tennis. And, if you are still in doubt the differences, read this article of

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